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All candle sleeves are stained by hand, bulbs are individually dipped and each candle is individually assembled in the USA by local staff.


"Inner Glow" Star Lights

Also referred to as "Star Bulbs", "Silicone Stars" or "Star Lights"

Capturing a star’s "Inner Glow" Star Lights

Add a heavenly light with this new home décor product line. For more than a decade, Vickie Jean and her gifted staff at Vickie Jean’s Creations (VJC), Inc. of Plover, Wisconsin have been creating some of the most popular home decorating and gift items available in today’s international marketplace.

This past January, the company introduced its newest line, Inner Glow Star Lights. These heavenly-lit silicone stars are a combination of soft, silicone material in a sculpted star design with a light source radiating from deep within. Though most of Vickie Jean’s product lines feature hand-dipped silicone bulbs, Vickie Jean has been researching the use of silicone-based molds to create innovative and imaginative designs for several years. Her quest received a quick boost several months ago when Hidden Den Primitive of Alliance, Ohio, contacted her at the urging of K & K Interior of Sandusky, Ohio.

“Hidden Den Primitive came to us and asked if we would develop the product several months ago,” Vickie said. “We had been working on the idea for other shapes. It pushed me to get out there and do it.”

The star lights and star bulbs are available in two sizes, large – 3 inches and medium – 1 1/2 inches, utilizing 3-watt bulbs and candelabra bases. Soon to be released is the 8-inch star light – a perfect tree topper. All sizes of the star bulbs come in Amber Glow and the medium stars include a tantalizing palette of pastel colors from which to select. Select the optional “glow in the dark” feature for a luminescent afterglow. The silicone material is very soft and pliable and is non-toxic to humans and pets. As in other VJC designs, Inner Glow Star Lights will be featured in year ‘round home décor items. The Inner Glow Star Lights product line combines the glow of starlight with wooden spools, pottery, night-lights and many other accent and decorative pieces.

Looking for a special touch for the little ones’ bedrooms? Inner Glow Star Lights also comes in a string of lights with stars that will illuminate a little astronaut’s room with a celestial accent. Add a string of heavenly star lights for a sprinkle of magic that will compliment any princess’ castle.

The String of Lights with Star Bulbs are made of 1 1/2 inch stars and are available in a wide array of pastel colors. The stars are a natural for Holiday decorating. “One of my customers puts a star bulb in every window of his house,” Vickie said. She also said that her company expects to expand the Inner Glow Star Lights product line to include additional whimsical shapes in the near future. The entire line of Inner Glow Star Lights items can be viewed this year at the Atlanta, Chicago, Market Square, Philadelphia and Orlando trade shows. Please check the show schedule for more details pertaining to the times, dates and locations of these shows.

Inner Glow Star Lights “patent pending” items can be ordered directly from Vickie Jean Creations, Inc. by phone at 800-771-2320 or at Wholesale orders only, please.

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