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Made in the USA

Candle sleeves are
stained by hand.

Bulbs are hand dipped.

Each order is individually assembled with care by
Creative Hands in Plover, WI.


Providing high quality wholesale silicone dipped bulbs, scented light bulbs, candle glow light bulbs, star bulbs and country home décor to businesses.

Vickie Jeans Creations features the finest in country home decor with beautiful hand-dipped, soft tipped candle glow light bulbs. Vickie Jean started this company in her kitchen in 1993 creating clear dipped light bulbs. 2 years later the silicone bulbs evolved with color and 2 years after that she added country scents to the recipe.

Candle glow bulbs are available in 37 colors and 7 fragrances. Each bulb is unique with a personality all of its own and can be used in mantle-piece arrangements, nightlights, lamps, and much more. Our proprietary blend of silicone based lighting materials covers the filament of the bulb and radiates a soft natural glow guaranteed to fill any home with cozy country charm.

A few recent additions to the Vickie Jeans Creations collection include: Our patented "String of Lights" (14-20 year patent), which includes an array of colors for the seasons that adds festivity to any occasion. Our new "Twist Bulbs" which are a display of two brilliant colors on one bulb to add excitement to any arrangement and our new line of silicone "Inner Glow" Star Lights & Star Bulbs, molded shaped bulbs that are now available in stars and 2 sizes.

In addition to our signature hand dipped light bulbs, we offer a fine collection of country décor that adds warmth to any home and is perfect for that special holiday gift. From hand-painted pottery to antique artifacts, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect country accent you are looking for in your home.

We have created the technical and proprietary know-how in use of materials to create bulbs that last longer than the competitors in which they last two years or more in country decorative art forms, lighting materials and bulb colorings and scents for more than a decade. The bulbs create optimal customer satisfaction with minimal customer returns. Vickie Jeans Creations has evolved from simple initial designs to a broad palette of shapes, colors, styles and designs and are a leader in our industry.

For more information or to receive a catalog via U.S. Mail, contact us at Vickie_jeans@tznet.com or call (800) 771-2320


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